☆ Jiro Matsumoto's 2nd mini album "I come back again" ☆
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■ On-Sale Date : February 2, 2016 
■ Price : 2,200 JPY (Fee including postage)
■ CD (Physical Copy) Only

[Including 7 songs]

・"I come back again"  lyrics/music: Jiro Matsumoto, arrangement: Issei Ambo 
・"Next World"  lyrics: Jiro Matsumoto, music: Shinya Kimura, arrangement: Issei Ambo 
・"Farewell, my love"   lyrics: Jiro Matsumoto, music: Masaaki Watanuki, arrangement: Issei Ambo 
・"Lip Server"   lyrics: Jiro Matsumoto, music/arrangement: Issei Ambo 
 and more 3 songs... 

※ Amount limited release 

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"Next World" Demo ver.

Official Website http://jiromatsu.html.xdomain.jp/